Tips for Choosing From Multiple Home Offers

Tips for Choosing From Multiple Home Offers

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multiple home offersIt can feel like the best scenario when you have to choose between multiple home offers on your home.  However, in most cases all of these offers will have positive and negative aspects to them which can make this decision more difficult and more stressful.  Here are three strategies to help make this decision a little easier on you.

The One Who Really Wants to Buy Your Home

You may want to take the highest of the multiple home offers and make some extra money, but this could be a risky move.  This is not always the best offer because the buyers may have made a quick decision without doing any research and will later regret it later, backing out of the agreement.  You want to agree to the offer where the person has already been pre-approved and have done their research.  This buyer may have lost a few homes already in their search so they understand what it means to get a good home and want your home to be it!

Using the Information Right

When there are multiple home offers you have the opportunity to use these offers against each other to help yourself get the price and conditions that you want.  If one buyer has all the other conditions that you want but their price is lower, make a counter offer to hopefully raise the price.  If someone is willing to close on the day you want, tell the other buyers this because they also may be willing to do this.

Have a Backup

As you go through the process with the home offer you choose you may want to see if the second best offer will stay as a backup.  They may not agree to this in writing but keeping in touch with these buyers can be very beneficial in the end.  Many things can happen throughout the process, which can result in the original potential buyers not being able to buy the home.  These reasons can be out of your control. You don’t want to have to put your home back on the market – which can turn buyers away – so keeping a back up can save you time and money in the end.

Having multiple home offers can be very beneficial to you but can also be overwhelming.  Before listing your home make sure you know what type of offer you are looking for.  This will help when deciding which offer is the best.


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