Bay Area Home Sellers: Avoid These Mistakes

Posted by Ryan Burk // July 20, 2015

bay area home sellers

You have probably had plenty of people offer advice for selling your home, and this likely includes those who have never even owned a home. Well, has anyone filled you in on the mistakes that could make it a whole lot harder to sell? If any of the things on this list apply to you, […]

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5 Tips to Gain Bargaining Power with a Home Seller

Posted by Ryan Burk // July 15, 2015

home seller

It feels as though you have been shopping for your perfect home for forever. Now that you have finally found it, don’t let it slip through your fingers during negotiations. These smart strategies are sure to win the home seller over. 1. Skip the Conditions “I would like a new roof and the driveway redone, […]

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6 Hot Tech Trends for Your Home

Posted by Ryan Burk // July 13, 2015

tech trends

Now, we are not calling your house unintelligent, but if it is lacking in technology it can get a whole lot smarter. Of course, if you do not consider yourself to be very tech-savvy, you probably have no idea where to begin with these types of upgrades. To help you in the process, here are […]

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Bay Area Home Sellers: Prequalify Buyers

Posted by Ryan Burk // July 8, 2015

prequalify buyers

In a perfect world, every “buyer” who inquires about a home would be pre-approved and ready to move tomorrow. Unfortunately, this is hardly the case. You don’t want to waste your time with several people before you learn how important prequalifying is. Use these tips to prequalify buyers to help make sure you are investing […]

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Tips for Dealing with the Stress of Selling Your Home

Posted by Ryan Burk // July 6, 2015

selling your home

The sale of your home ranks up there with losing a loved one or getting a divorce as one of the most stressful events of your life.  The ups and downs related to selling your home can cause a lot of anxiety during the time your home is on the market.  If you follow these […]

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Here Come the Millennials

Posted by Ryan Burk // July 1, 2015


There are many reasons why people begin the home buying process.  Understanding these reasons can be very beneficial when trying to sell your home as knowing the market and who is looking are important elements to selling your home fast.  Here are a few things that millennials, people in their 20’s or and 30’s, are […]

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Simple Steps to Increasing Your Home Value

Posted by Ryan Burk // June 29, 2015

home value

Many people understand that they will need to do a little work to their home before listing it if they want to get the most money in a sale.  However, it can be confusing when you are unsure the best way to go about this.  Here are 7 things you can do to help make […]

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Money Mistakes Broken Down by Generation

Posted by Ryan Burk // June 24, 2015

money mistakes

Baby boomers look at millennials, and don’t understand why they are so careless with their money. Millennials see the struggling baby boomer population and don’t understand why they weren’t better prepared for retirement. Gen Xers often see fault in both generations, but fail to see they are following in the footsteps of the baby boomers […]

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Do Low Interest Rates Mean it is Time to Invest?

Posted by Ryan Burk // June 22, 2015

low interest rates

When is the right time to buy an investment property? Well, many will look at the historically low interest rates and say that now is the perfect time, but is it? But while low interest rates are great, there are other factors to consider. Listed below are some additional elements to factor into whether or […]

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Six Hot Home Design Trends

Posted by Ryan Burk // June 17, 2015

home design trends

Whether you are moving into a new home or giving your current one a facelift there are some new home design trends you definitely need to try out. You might not love every look on this list, but there is sure to be at least one that will complement your unique style. 1. Marble Coffee […]

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