7 Tips for Moving with Kids

Posted by Ryan Burk // August 26, 2015

moving with kids

Moving can be a trying time for the entire family. In addition to packing and handling a long move-related to-do list, you also have to tell the kids and deal with any emotional rollercoaster they may experience, too. Moving with kids may not be effortless, but it will be a lot less stressful with these […]

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6 Secrets to Being a Successful Real Estate Investor

Posted by Ryan Burk // August 24, 2015

real estate investors

The end game is always profit, when you become a real estate investor. To be successful, you need to be pragmatic, logical, and forward-looking. You need defined goals, but you also have to be flexible to adapt to market chances. If real estate investing is something you are ready to do, these secrets will help […]

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Want to Increase Your Net Worth? Avoid These Mistakes.

Posted by Ryan Burk // August 17, 2015

net worth

Whether you are trying to save for retirement, buy a home, or just position yourself so you are not constantly stressed about money, there are things you can do to feel more confident about your net worth. If you are like many, you may actually be making fear-based financial decisions that are making you feel […]

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Considering a Tiny Home? Then Consider These Questions First.

Posted by Ryan Burk // August 12, 2015

tiny home

Whether you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint, decrease the amount you pay out monthly in bills, or live a simpler lifestyle, a tiny home probably sounds very appealing to you. However, buying one of these homes is not a decision you should just rush into. Answer the following questions honestly to make sure […]

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Transitioning from Renter to Homeowner? Be Ready for THESE Changes.

Posted by Ryan Burk // August 10, 2015


People often say fame or money won’t change them. Well, those scenarios might not have an impact on your lifestyle, but buying a home certainly will. You might not expect to change and you may not even notice that you do until someone brings it up one day. Don’t feel bad about it! Changes that […]

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Save Your Green by Going Green

Posted by Ryan Burk // August 5, 2015

going green

Many people want their home to be greener so they can help the environment but they feel they don’t have the money or don’t know how to do it.  Here are 4 easy and cheap ways to begin going green while saving money in your budget in the process. Doing a Home Energy Audit on […]

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Home Tax Breaks that are Never too Early to Think About

Posted by Ryan Burk // August 3, 2015

home tax breaks

Preparing and filing taxes can be very confusing. Are you doing them correctly? Are you getting the most money back that you can?  When it comes to real estate taxes many Americans are not getting the most they can get back on their tax returns because they may be unsure how to file their taxes […]

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3 Secrets to Choosing the Right Neighborhood

Posted by Ryan Burk // July 29, 2015

choosing the right neighborhood

Many will say that choosing the right neighborhood is a lot harder than selecting a house. How important is the neighborhood? If you found the perfect home with everything you are looking for would you be willing to put up with a less than desirable neighborhood? If you are saying, “No way!” you are not […]

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Is Refinancing Your Mortgage a Good Idea?

Posted by Ryan Burk // July 27, 2015

Refinancing your mortgage

Whether you are hoping to reduce your monthly expenses or if you need a lump sum of money to pay for your child’s wedding, take a vacation, etc., refinancing your mortgage probably seems like the easy solution. After all, you hear of others doing it all the time, so why not? Well, refinancing your mortgage […]

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5 Strategies for Determining Your Bay Area Home Value

Posted by Ryan Burk // July 22, 2015

bay area home value

If you are going to sell your Bay area home, you have probably already been told or read about how important it is to get the list price right. So, how exactly are you supposed to come up with that magical number? Well, it is not quite as easy as determining the value of a […]

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