Bay Area’s Housing Market: A Look Ahead

Posted by Ryan Burk // October 1, 2014

The first half of 2014 saw another year of big annual price gains for single-family homes in the Bay Area. February led the way recording a 30% yearly gain while March and April turned in numbers of 28.7% and 17%, respectively. June and July saw price gains beginning to level off and August proved to […]

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Tips For Finding Motivated Sellers in the Bay Area

Posted by Ryan Burk // September 15, 2014

One of the biggest hurdles we face in our real estate investing profession is the ability to consistently connect with motivated sellers. Chances are you have put in time poring over countless books filled with tips and tricks for house flipping with little to show for it. You have have traveled the well-trodden road of […]

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Set Your Home Up for a Quick Sale!

Posted by Ryan Burk // August 22, 2014

Bay Area home sellers

Our team here at In the Now, LLC specializes in working alongside homeowners, helping to put in place the pieces and strategies necessary to assist in selling their homes quickly. With extensive experience in serving both Bay Area home buyers and home sellers, we are committed to helping homeowners put their best foot forward, using […]

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How Bay Area Real Estate Agents Can Help You Buy or Sell a Home

Posted by Ryan Burk // July 11, 2014

If you are thinking about buying or selling a home here in the Bay Area, we at In The Now, LLC would be happy to review the process with you. With years of experience buying and selling homes in the California real estate market, we are positioned to help you with all of your real […]

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Growth Hacking Your Real Estate Business

Posted by Ryan Burk // June 23, 2014

Growth hacking is a concept that focuses on growing a business bigger, faster. With the proper execution, growth hacking will allow you to achieve maximum Return on Investment (ROI) with minimal effort. There are some similarities between growth hacking and, say, guerilla marketing, but growth hacking strategies are more strategic. So is it possible to […]

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Remote Real Estate Employees: Building A Workplace Culture

Posted by Ryan Burk // June 3, 2014

Is it possible for real estate businesses with remote employees to build a workplace culture? More importantly, if it is possible, can they enjoy the benefits that are so commonly associated with such a community? Workplace culture and their subsequent communities are hot trends in the business world. They may be as equally important and valuable to real […]

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Keeping Your Home Safe

Posted by Ryan Burk // May 16, 2014

A top priority for most homeowners is keeping their home and loved ones safe from harm. Many experts agree the best and easiest actions to keep your home safe are ones that “deter, detect, and delay” any crime.  Here are 5 suggestions to help make sure you’re making your home as secure as possible, either […]

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