6 Credit Building Tips for Recent College Grads

Posted by Ryan Burk // October 5, 2015

credit building

If you thought finals and homework weighed heavily on your mind while in school just wait until you need to apply for a mortgage, business loan, or car lease. Credit is a simple word that can cause a lot of stress. You need good credit to get a loan, but how exactly do you go […]

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5 Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Home Inspection

Posted by Ryan Burk // September 28, 2015

home inspection

Contrary to what you may see in movies and on your favorite real estate show, a home inspection’s purpose is not to go through another round of exhausting negotiations. The inspection is a lot more valuable than you think, especially when you know how to really get the most out of it. Hire an Impartial […]

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Real Estate Investing Strategies

Posted by Ryan Burk // September 23, 2015

real estate investing

Over the past couple of years the market value of homes have increased; it is looking like this trend will continue upward over the next few years.  This type of real estate investing environment can present a great opportunity to buy an income property. But only if you are going to do it right.  If […]

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Tips to Prequalify Home Buyers

Posted by Ryan Burk // September 21, 2015

In many areas there are a number of homes available on the market for a good price.  This, along with the lower interest rates, create the perfect opportunity for both first-time home buyers and buyers looking for more space to purchase a home.  To help you capitalize on the number of people looking for a […]

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Tips for Choosing From Multiple Home Offers

Posted by Ryan Burk // September 16, 2015

multiple home offers

It can feel like the best scenario when you have to choose between multiple home offers on your home.  However, in most cases all of these offers will have positive and negative aspects to them which can make this decision more difficult and more stressful.  Here are three strategies to help make this decision a […]

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4 Don’ts For Home Sellers

Posted by Ryan Burk // September 14, 2015

home sellers

Preparing your home to be sold means that you will have to put in some work in. Home sellers need potential buyers to feel that they could live there and make plenty of memories.  When looking at your home, buyers want to see that “WOW factor” that your home contains.  Below are four mistakes that […]

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Low Home Appraisal? Start Here.

Posted by Ryan Burk // September 9, 2015

low home appraisal

After signing the contract with the sellers there are a few more steps remaining in the process; one of these steps is getting the home appraised.  Your lender may have agreed to loan you a certain amount based on the home being appraised at a certain value. If all goes to plan you can purchase […]

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What to Know About Foreclosure Auctions

Posted by Ryan Burk // September 7, 2015

foreclosure auctions

Many people believe that one of the best ways to save on buying a home is getting a home at a foreclosure auction. However, this is not always true – especially if you don’t do it right.  Make sure that if you head to a foreclosure auction you follow these steps to help ensure your […]

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Open House Strategies For a Quick Sale

Posted by Ryan Burk // September 2, 2015

Open House

Selling your home can be a difficult process to crack. You may think your home is good just the way it is or you maybe don’t want to do too much work because you will not be enjoying it.  Either way, it is important that you show off your home both online and during open […]

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Attention Home Buyers: 5 Must-Dos Before Buying

Posted by Ryan Burk // August 31, 2015

home buyer

As a home buyer you will want to be completely prepared before making such a large purchase.  In order to do this you will want to take your time, doing the necessary prep work because you may be in this new home for a while. Before you buy, think through the following points before becoming […]

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