Attention Home Buyers: 5 Must-Dos Before Buying

Attention Home Buyers: 5 Must-Dos Before Buying

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home buyerAs a home buyer you will want to be completely prepared before making such a large purchase.  In order to do this you will want to take your time, doing the necessary prep work because you may be in this new home for a while. Before you buy, think through the following points before becoming a home buyer.

Making a Commitment

In order to make buying a home worth it you will want to be prepared to stay in the home for at least seven years.  If you are not prepared to make this commitment to a home you should consider looking further or continue renting.  This is because you end up spending more money than just the list price when purchasing a new home.  Inspections, realtor costs, and closing are all necessary expenses that can add up and get recouped .


It is important that 6 to 12 months before home buyers begin looking at homes you speak to a lender about what you can afford.  You will want to know your credit score and how much you can afford in a home. Your finances will be scrutinized when buying a home so make sure you get your credit score early to clear up all of the negative aspects that you can. Also be conscientious about paying your bills on time and not making any large purchases before closing on a home.

Finding Your Agent

After getting your finances in order you need to find an agent that works for you.  This person needs to understand what you are looking for and you need to feel comfortable working with this agent.  You can ask friends and family for references but ultimately you will need to do your own research and interview a few before making your choice.

Thinking Things Through

It goes without saying but home buyers need to take their time when purchasing a home. This is not something you want to rush into because it is not something you can take back without wasting a lot of money.  Once you close on a home it is yours – so make sure it is one you love.

Getting a Deal

If you think you are getting a “too-good-to-be-true” deal on a home, you most likely are.  Don’t purchase a home because you think you are getting a deal, purchase it because you have done your research and know and feel you are getting the home that is right for you.

Home buyers will want to be confident that they are buying a home that works for them.  You will need to do some work to get to this point.  The more work you do and the more prepared you are, the better off you will be in the end.

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