4 Don’ts For Home Sellers

4 Don’ts For Home Sellers

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home sellersPreparing your home to be sold means that you will have to put in some work in. Home sellers need potential buyers to feel that they could live there and make plenty of memories.  When looking at your home, buyers want to see that “WOW factor” that your home contains.  Below are four mistakes that home sellers will want to avoid in order to set themselves up for a quick home sale.

Ignoring the Front of Your Home

The front of your home is essentially the first thing that buyers see. This is where the first impression takes place. This could be bad if you have not taken care of the yard, the garden, and given the trim a fresh coat of paint.  Some buyers will just move on if they don’t like the front of the home because they feel like it is a precursor to what the rest of the home will look like.  So make sure you take the time to do some work to improve your curb appeal.

Overwhelming the Buyer

If you happen to be around when the buyer is viewing your home be sure to give them some space.  Make sure you greet the buyers but then give them time to walk around your home on their own.  Buyers need the space to discuss and envision themselves in the home. Providing them with a sheet with all the information you want them to know is a great way to ensure they will not miss out on anything.

Not Giving Your Home a Chance

By keeping all your pictures out, not painting the walls, and not cleaning up the rooms you may be turning people away from your home.  They can become overwhelmed with your things scattered all over,  instead missing out on important aspects of your home.

Not Getting Rid of the Smell

If you are a smoker or have dogs around your home could give off an unpleasing odor to potential buyers.  They could be concerned that they may not be able to get the smell out of the carpets, floors, and walls which could in turn cause them to not want to buy the home.  Spend the time deep cleaning your rugs and walls using baking soda and vinegar.  Also consider replacing the rugs and smoking outside while you are showing your home.

As home sellers, you want your home to impress potential buyers, not turn them away.  By ignoring these mistakes above you may miss out on attracting potential buyers to bid on your home.

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